• Step 1. Learn How Matching Works

    Welcome to the Guidepost at Home matching process (Beta)!

    Complete your Family Profile

    This form will take about 15-20 minutes to complete.

    We are looking forward to getting to know your family, your care needs, and what you are looking for in terms of a match family. This form will allow us to get that information from you. Part of completing this form will include writing a family bio. For help doing so, and to view some examples, click here!

    Since this is our Beta launch (first version) of our platform, any updates to your information after you submit your form will need to be emailed to info@guidepostathome.com. Please do not hesitate to reach out!

    After you verify your email and submit your profile, your family profile will be available on our Matching Map!

    The Matching Map

    Begin the matching process

    After you fill out your form, your "pin" will appear on the map. Even though you will be immediately able to view other pins, your pin may take up to one hour to appear- so don't be alarmed if it is not there immediately! Once your profile is available on the map, you will be visible to other families, and other families will be visible to you! Take some time to see who in your neighborhood is looking for a match, read other families' information, and learn more about their care needs.


    Once you have found a family that you'd like to get to know, you click the button that says "Start Matching".


    Please note that our Beta version is not optimized for mobile (yet!). The best experience will be via a computer.

    Meet your match family!

    Get to know them in person

    After a series of emails is sent back and forth making sure the match request is mutual, we will help you to coordinate your first in-person match meet-up! We will also provide a series of resources to help you get to know the match family. We will guide you through what questions to ask and what important topics to consider when deciding whether this is in fact, the right match for you. If this is a good fit, congrats! You've met your match! If not, it's back to the map to search again!


    Keep in mind that while you are in the process of engaging with a potential match family, your ability to start the matching process with another family will be paused.

    Your Privacy

    What information is visible and where?

    Please note that Guidepost at Home takes privacy very seriously. The following ensures that your information is kept secure, and that matching is a safe and friendly process:

    • Your last name will not be shared- Your name will appear as First Name, Last Initial (ex: Emily G.) 
    • Your exact address will never be shown on the map. Pins will be slightly offset your address. 
    • Your contact info will not be shared with your match family until your in-person meeting.
    • Family photos will be shared once you decide to meet in person with a potential match family. 
    • The bio you share in your Family Profile will be available on the matching map. It will help potential match families get to know you! 
  • Step 2: Create Your Profile To Match

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