• Writing about yourself can be tricky!

    A well-written family bio can really help a potential match family get a sense of who you are.
    Check out some tips and tricks and examples below for inspiration!

    What makes a good bio a great bio?

    • Do write in the first person ("Hi! My name is Emily. I live in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn.") as opposed to the third ("Emily lives in Carrol Gardens.)
    • Do introduce yourself by name. Even though your name is in your profile, giving a warm welcome can feel inviting
    • Do share some more about your background. Where are you from? When did you move to your current neighborhood?
    • Do share some details that "let us in" a bit. What do you and your partner like to do for fun? Got a great recipe? Tell us more about what you're binge watching these days! 
    • Do talk about your child! It's fun to share more about your little one! What does he/she love to do? Eat? Read? 
    • Do not get into the "nitty gritty" of the nanny share details. Leave that to us! We will take care of planning the time/date/place of the meet-ups.
    • Do not reveal any super personal information (like your exact address, phone number or links to social media profiles) 
    • Do not worry if you are not looking for care for awhile! That's okay! Being a part of our map is great even if your child is not born yet. It's never too early to start looking for a family! 

    Get to know Hannah and Mike!

    Hi, all! My name is Hannah. Super excited to be a part of Guidepost at Home. I just moved to Lower Manhattan from Southern California, but I did spend most of my life on the east coast. A fun fact is that I grew up in southern France and dream of going back. I am currently working on my license as mental health therapist, but have already many lives as a school art teacher, university administrator and kickboxing/Zumba enthusiast. I love to stay busy, and as a new mom- that box is definitely checked off! I feel extremely lucky to have married an incredible (and smart/nerdy) man named Mike, and am blessed with a beautiful and silly 8 month old daughter named Lily.


    Mike and I can't wait to find another family looking to start a nanny share, especially someone in our neighborhood. A plus for someone who loves dogs, as we have a giant Bernedoodle named Luca (who is super sweet and loves to shower Lily with kisses). Looking forward to meeting other families around lower Manhattan!

    Get to know Max and Josh!

    Hi I'm Max and I'm originally from the Bay Area in California. My husband Max is from Setauket, New York. We met in grad school in Boston, although both of us have lived most of our adult lives in NYC. Max is an entrepreneur, and recently co-founded a company that is developing autonomous vehicle navigation technology. I work in arts & culture, and am currently running a program at Lincoln Center. I hope our son picks up on some of the artsy stuff from me, but so far, he's totally into everything related to rolling, kicking, bouncing or throwing a ball. Which is also awesome!


    Our son's name is James and he's almost two. He attended a daycare for about a year in Cobble Hill, but we weren't super happy with it. We are really excited about a Montessori trained nanny because I went to a Montessori school. I loved it and always envisioned sending James to one as well. As far as our hobbies and interests, we love reading, film festivals, and cocktails. James's favorite things include putting on our shoes and trying to walk around, laughing at himself in the mirror, saying "Dada more!", and milk. Looking forward to meeting you soon!

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