• Join the Nanny Team at Guidepost Montessori!

    Work with wonderful families, offer amazing childcare, and team up with a growing network of nannies.

  • Our Montessori Training

    Guidepost at Home offers an 18-month course for all participating nannies.

    What is the Montessori Training Program Like?

    All nannies participate in training offered by The Prepared Montessorian, an internal professional development platform for all educators within Guidepost Montessori. The training team continues to be a helpful resource for nannies throughout their time with Guidepost at Home.


    Guidepost at Home Values

    What's it like working with Guidepost at Home? Our organization's values are fundamental to our mission.

    Revere Independence

    We must give the child tools to learn, explore, experiment, and self-correct, then get out of his way.

    Guide and Be Guided

    We solve problems with collaboration and have confidence that we can solve more as a team.

    Earn the Trust of Parents

    We cannot achieve our mission without parents, the most important people in a child's life.

    Be Your Own Compass

    We are responsible for fostering growth, happiness, and success, both in children and ourselves.

    Be a Practical Idealist

    We respond to the unexpected, adapt on the go and have the drive to make our vision a reality.


    Make A Difference

    We're on a mission to dramatically increase the accessibility of Montessori education to children around the world. Whether you are a trained Montessorian with a lifetime of experience or just getting started, we want to hear from you! Join the movement.

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